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Single Page Application: No website Reload with just one line of js code

Single Page Application: No website Reload with just one line of js code

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Progressive Web App is remarkably the most awesome thing in modern web development. Push Notification, Request Caching, Single Page Application, Website Offline Mode are some of the things included in PWA(Progressive Web App).

These topics seem so fascinating and cool. So let's see the table showing these topics and rocket science behind it.

TopicRocket Science Behind it
Push NotificationSimple Javascript
Single Page ApplicationSimple Javascript (even simpler now)
Request cachingSimple Javascript


So you know, the Progressive web app is javascript in disguise. So, now I am gonna show you how you can implement SPA (Single Page Application) on your personal websites with just one line of js Code.

First and foremost, we are going to use the simple library called Fetcher authored by me. Be sure to check it out.

A simple demo of Fetcher is here

At first, inside your head tag

insert the following script and link files.

<script src="https://binayak.codes/Fetcher/app.js"></script>

Now place following code after closing the body tag

<!-- usage -->

and there you have it. Your internal links will be fetched with js and written in your DOM. It reduces loading times and makes the website efficient.

Note: This library is still in Work In Progress, don't use it in production. if you found any issue using it. Report here

Please give it a star, if you like it. This will inspire me to keep on contributing.

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