Anjal Binayak
Anjal Binayak

Anjal Binayak

I created a linkzipper using Django & NextJs in 3 hours

I created a linkzipper using Django & NextJs in 3 hours

Anjal Binayak
·Dec 21, 2021·

1 min read

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Table of contents

  • Technical Details
  • Launch
  • Source Code

Tired of sending multiple links? 🥱

I created a small web app for zipping multiple links into 1 link 🔗

Source Code below 👇

Technical Details

I used Django for backend🗃, NextJs for frontend🎇 & TailwindCSS for design✨

Writing APIs in Django in Django has been faster than ever with the help of 3rd party package called Django Rest Framework

It took me ~3 hours⌛ to create this app from scratch. Yes, it is that easy 😁

Django Rest Framework✅ allows creating APIs within a couple of minutes🚀

NextJs💞 allows you to write ReactJs⚛ components and also takes care of Routing & other stuff 🟪

TailwindCSS🔮 is a class-based CSS library. There are a plethora of useful class names with styles attached to them. It is more interesting than it sounds. Check it out here🔗

The combination of Django✅ + NextJs💞 + TailwindCSS🔮 is useful for building🏗 & shipping🚢 scalable apps with ease & minimal time⌛


I will launch it soon 🚀

Source Code

LinkZipper's Source Code 👇

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