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5 Tips for Becoming Effective Online Writer in 2022

5 Tips for Becoming Effective Online Writer in 2022

Anjal Binayak
·Jan 10, 2022·

4 min read

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Tips for becoming online writer in 2022 | By Anjal Binayak

In a minute I’ll provide you 5 tips for writing online, but first let me tell you what this article is not about ❌

This article is not:

1/ Freelance Writer Guide ❌

2/ about monetizing your writing skill ❌

This article solemnly focuses on :

  • How to get started with Online writing ✅
  • Mediums for publishing the articles ✅
  • What to avoid if getting started with online writing ✅

At first, let me warn you about a no-brainer mistake, everyone getting started with online writing makes 👀

Don’t Create a Blog ❌. Here’s Why:

Don’t create a Blog

It can be very tempting to create your own blog when you just got started writing online. But I would suggest you not take that step that soon.

Here is One & only one reason that may convince you to not create your own blog:

  1. No one will read:
    No one knows about you. You may be an extremely terrific writer but will still get 0 reads. I’ve made this mistake.
    When I first got started writing online, I created my own blog and started publishing.
    It was demotivating when I wrote articles spending and researching for hours but got 0 impressions.

Publish on established channels

The established channels already have millions of readers. Publishing content on those channels will help you reach those readers. Publishing on channels like

or social media channels like

can help you reach your audience effectively.

In beginning, these mediums also won’t give you traffic. But if you stay consistent, you will be rewarded with traffic.

Nothing feels good like organic traffic(trust me on this one✅)

I personally cross-publish on Twitter, Medium & Hashnode.

I am just getting started with online writing, but these communities have been really inspiring and helpful for me.

Write Regularly

If you getting started with online writing, you must write regularly. Publish every junk you can.

Your first 100 tries are going to be absolute shit anyway, slip them away as soon as possible 🧹

This quote motivates me to publish my writing even if I feel like it is not perfect.

We all are creative. But due to modern distraction & “education”, we can barely access our creativity.

The only way to get access to creative mind is to get involved in more art creation tasks(writing, painting, etc)

Write Drunk; Edit Sober

I’ve heard this advice from many writers on the internet. You should write & edit at different times & places (if possible).

When people first start writing, they try to perfect each sentence before writing another sentence.

But you are getting in a way of your creative mind doing so.

Our creative mind and intellect mind can’t work hand-in-hand. Only one can be functional at a time.

The creative mind creates ideas; the Intellect mind curates ideas 💅

Write with your creative mind, edit with your intellect mind.


Keep It Simple Stupid. Don’t try to sound smart.

The best writers I know rarely use complex words. They express ideas in such a simplicity that a child can understand what the writer is trying to say.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

~ Leonardo da Vinci

Clickbait that delivers 💣

This is a bonus tip.

Writing clickbait titles is very necessary but if & only if you deliver what your title promises.

WARNING: Don’t write clickbait titles just to get the user clicking, it may increase your views but that views will cost you huge in long term ☠

Effective titles decide whether the viewer clicks your article or not.

If you deliver what your title promises, your readers will appreciate your honesty.

Homework: Next time observe yourself when you click the title to read the article. Answer yourself the following questions:

  1. Why did I click on this article? 👆
  2. Which words in the title ignited the urgency to click the title? 🧨

Every time you answer this question, you will train yourself to recognize the effective title, as well as write one.

I am @anjalbinayak. Thanks for reading my article!

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