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5% Developers earn more than the rest 95% of the developers, Here's How

5% Developers earn more than the rest 95% of the developers, Here's How

Anjal Binayak
·Nov 1, 2021·

3 min read

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5% of Developers earn more than the rest of 95% of the developers.

I joined Tech Twitter in 2020(best decision I've ever made). I saw a lot of people in the software development industry sharing ideas & their experiences via Twitter.

I've met developers who earn 5x, 10x, & even 20x than what I earn. I studied their content, everything they created online, their articles, their tweets, watched their videos.

Here are the top 5 skills which will place you in 5% developers:

Personal Branding

This is an extremely important skill you will acquire if you are working in any field. Personal Branding is an effort to create authority and influence in your field. Here's how you can create your personal brand

  • Create social accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc)
  • Create content related to your niche
  • Engage with other people of your niche online

Creating a Personal brand is simple, but not easy. You have to be consistent in creating content online & engaging with other people.

Learn to Sell

"Learn to sell, Learn to Build. If you can do both, you will be unstoppable" ~ @naval

Sale is the most important skill in the world. If you can sell, your stomach won't be empty. You can learn sales by

  • Observing a salesperson in your organization, friend circle, network
  • Reading sales books
  • Watching online videos, reading articles
  • Attending seminars, etc


You are one notice away from being unemployed.

It's a harsh truth, but Job isn't as secure as people think.

It is extremely important to develop secondary sources of income.

If you are consistent in freelancing then it can pay more than what your job pays.

Start Freelance developer, It is the first step toward your financial freedom.

After years of freelancing, you can also switch to becoming an Agency Owner.

Write Online

Writing is the most underrated skill.

It is an extremely important skill and it can lead to huge opportunities.

Your content online can be a resume of yours. Some indirect benefits of writing online are

  • Builds Social Proof
  • Builds Credibility to clients
  • Represents authority in your niche

Those 3 points above are the gateways to infinite opportunities in your professional career.

5 Miracle Shots

Last but not least, Do 5 miracle shots every day.

This was the thing I learn from Ty Frankel. Cool guy.

You try 5 miracle shots every day. It is asking for an opportunity via cold email, Dms, or cold approach.

You can cold email any Public Personality for providing your service or asking for any other opportunities.

It has > 0.000001% of coming true, but it can change your life.

And It is exciting at the same time.


Among these 5 skills, if you even start doing 2 of them, you are already in the way of endless opportunities.

It's never late, contents on niches are never saturated.

Create content, provide value and learn

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