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100+ Free Tools for Building Startups

100+ Free Tools for Building Startups

Anjal Binayak
ยทJan 7, 2022ยท

2 min read

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Building a startup is a tough choice. It's like raising a newborn child.

It is a long and arduous journey that is very rewarding once the startup takes off.

The typical procedure from birth to a successful startup is as follows:

  • Build: Building Product includes writing backend, writing frontend, integrating SaaS, etc

  • Marketing: Marketing includes creating landing pages, writing copy, creating content

  • Shipping: Shipping means actually launching the product into the market.

Doing all these things costs a lot of money. And if you are a virgin in the entrepreneurial venture, chances are that you have no or low budget.

I myself have faced these difficulties, but I didn't spend even a single cent until my SaaS generated some income.

So, I thought that a maximum of 1st-time founders might be facing the same problem, I faced/ and still face.

So, I created a list of all the free tools that I used to code, market, and launch my SaaS.

Some features of the list:

  1. Its completely FREE โœ…

  2. You can contribute with additional tools โœ…

  3. You will be credited for your contribution โœ…

  4. You can download the list here โœ…

Download it. Use the tools you need for your SaaS/Startup ๐Ÿš€

And If you like it. Please leave a โญโญโญโญโญ. It would mean the world to me.

Download 100+ Free Tools for Startups

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